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Facilities - Malt Whiskies


The Ardgour Malt Whisky Collection

Single malt Scotch whisky is the produce of one distillery only. It has to be made from barley malt and have no other grain added to it and it has to be made in Scotland in order to receive this full title.

The art of distilling has fascinated men across the centuries. The technique of its manufacture have been understood since earliest times, although, even today, the subtle aromas and flavours of whisky have never been fully explained. The Gaelic name for whisky is Uisge Beatha, which means 'water of life'.

The main regions of malt whisky distilling are as follows: SPEYSIDE, HIGHLAND, LOWLAND, ISLAY, ORKNEY

The Ardgour collection contains whiskies from each of the regions listed above. Each area has its own distinctive characteristics. To help you choose which area will suit your tastes; we have included in our selection four regional vatted malts. Vatted malt is a whisky that consists of a mixture of malt whiskies from more than one distillery.

We recommend that you experiment with the four vatted malts and when you have decided which style you like best, move on to the corresponding section of our list and try some of the selected single malts from the same area. But remember - the range of malts from a single area is vast. The best way to try them is in a bar where advice is on hand from someone who has been there before. Ask Graham, he was the trade winner of the Glenmorangie Maltmaster of the Year competition in 1999.




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