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Facilities - Malt Whiskies - Islay


This island of Islay - pronounced "EYELAH” a place of wild nature with few people and few roads, few trees and an expanse of rolling, browny-green fields, broken with stone walls, dotted with peat bogs and laced with fast-running streams. With the distilleries caressed with sea spray when a storm builds up, a unique atmosphere impregnated with the tang of salt and peat gives these malts a very distinctive taste.

ARDBEG Connoisseurs Choice 1978      40%

Dramatically perched on the southern edge of the Island of Islay, the original distillery was run by a notorious band of smugglers. The malt has a slightly medicinal nose with fruity, flowery undertones, peaty palate and mouth warming finish. Ideal after-dinner drink..

BOWMORE Legend No age statement 40%

Distilled by the Japanese-owned Morrison Bowmore Company in what is said to be the oldest distillery on the island. Light amber in colour with golden highlights and a touch of green. It has a full pungent nose, a touch perfumed with a hint of phenol. The flavour is dry with an edge of richness, perfumed and quite pungent with a long gently smoky finish.

BRUICHLADDICH 10 year old 40%

Scotland's most westerly distillery's exposure to the harsh climatic effects of Atlantic storms and salty north winds perhaps accounts for its crisp clean, full bodied nature. Pale gold with only a hint of peat. Seaweed notes with a complex Islay finish and a lingering sweetness.

BUNNAHABHAIN 12 Year Old 40%

From the Gaelic for “mouth of the river” so called from the distillery’s position at the mouth of the River Margadale. Straw colour with golden highlight and a rich, delicately peated nose with an underlying sweetness. The flavour betrays very little of Islay’s usual heavier characteristics, is slightly sweet with a hint of nuttiness and long, spicy finish warm with sweet oak but finally dry.

CAOL ILA Connoisseurs Choice 1984 40%

"Cool ila "means Sound of Islay in Gaelic and this is where the distillery is spectacularly situated. The whisky has the characteristic Islay peatiness but is not heavy. Pronounced 'Kaol-Eela'. Light golden in colour, with slight sweetness on the nose. Initial explosion of sweetness, followed by smokiness on the palate, and a lasting peaty finish

LAGAVULIN 16 Years Old 43%

A deep amber colour with rich gold highlights the pungent, burnt heather nose with its full bodied peatiness warns you of the big, peaty taste to follow. Dry, very smooth and powerfully complex the finish is very long and smoky with almost a burnt character.




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